Mar 07, 2022
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Dr Rabbyt

Dr Rabbyt

7-12 months
South Africa
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All major communication apps on the market include a calling feature, and CubeZoo needed to implement a voice and video call solution for Dr Rabbyt without reinventing the wheel and building a solution from scratch. The chat functionality, too, had to be integrated in a secure way so that all messages, whether between individuals or within groups, remain private at all times.


By making use of the WebRTC standard, which allows peer-to-peer connections over a network, CubeZoo was able to securely and easily integrate voice and video calling into the Dr Rabbyt app. The WebRTC Implementation makes use of a signalling server to establish a connection between two peers, streaming voice and video data between users without having to bother with relaying the data via a server. A TURN server is used to facilitate communication between peers when they are unable to find each other.


Dr Rabbyt’s simple user experience is one of the reasons the application is growing in popularity, and hundreds of medical professionals across South Africa are using the app to stay in touch with peers, keep up with industry news and developments, and help grow their professional knowledge.