Mar 07, 2022
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4-6 months
South Africa, Johannesburg
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The first challenge to achieving this goal was the conversion of a normal Android device into a barcode scanner. This is generally an easy task, but our scanner needed to be seamless in order to scan one or multiple SIM cards without having any human trigger or confirmation intervention.


We embarked on a comprehensive testing regime to establish what was causing the problem. We found that when the barcode processor was fed a frame to look for a barcode, it didn’t wait until it was done before it started working on a new frame. Normally, this wouldn’t be a problem as multithreading is great for doing jobs like processing frames in the background while the user continues to use the app, however, in this case, the Firebase ML thread stayed alive until it completed the queue of frames needing to be processed.


The mandatory RICA process requires the capturing of the user’s personal information, and was traditionally completed using USSD. However, this could take up to 7 minutes, unnecessarily wasting the time of agents and customers alike. Working with Flash, we wanted to create an almost seamless process to RICA new customers and have it done in under 45 seconds.