Jul 06, 2021
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2-3 months
South Africa, Johannesburg
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CubeZoo decided that a great way to showcase Telkom’s history would be through an interactive timeline. This was relatively straightforward, but Telkom’s Heads of Departments wanted to monitor user performance. This was a challenge because the platform, being an intranet, couldn’t use tools like Google analytics. Challenges came in the form of understanding Telkom's business network, comprised of hundreds of departments and thousands of partners. The CubeZoo team spent weeks untangling Telkom’s business network. The team dedicated a room to the project and began pinning and linking all the departments. This process allowed the us to start making sense of Telkom’s complex ecosystem, and enabled the design of the final product.


The CubeZoo team was able to simplify the user experience, creating a fun and engaging environment. All of the engagements by Telkom employees were used for measurement purposes, with each step of the journey being gamified through questions and insights. As employees completed questions and levels, they were rewarded with badges. These were transformed into real internal incentives. This not only made the project trackable, but fun and engaging enough to motivate Telkom staff to get involved. Today, the Telkom intranet remains a valuable communication tool, combining the past, present, and future into a single, easy-to-use platform.


The history of communication is a tale as old as mankind. From cave paintings to text messages, innovations in communication have provided new ways for people to share their ideas faster. This is essentially what Telkom’s business is all about. Since its earliest days, when the first South African Post Office was established in Cape Town in 1791, Telkom has enabled South Africans to communicate with each other and the rest of the world. This is what the telecommunications giant wanted to showcase to employees in the creation of a new intranet. The intranet needed to be a comfortable and entertaining online environment for all of Telkom's internal employees, educating them about the company’s history as well as current affairs in an interactive and playful manner.
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