Sep 04, 2023
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 Banqit Mobile Payments App for Businesses

Banqit Mobile Payments App for Businesses

4-6 months
United Kingdom, Derby
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Artificial Intelligence
IT Services
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Banking & Financial Services
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Developing Banqit's payment app using Flutter, Node.js, React, MongoDB, and ASP.NET presented challenges like complex API integration, stringent security and regulatory compliance, cross-platform compatibility, and real-time updates. Maintaining database scalability, seamless user support, and collaboration across teams were also key hurdles, along with ensuring high performance and user-friendly design.


We created iOS and Andriod Apps (based on flutter) for Banqit to provide the ability to take payments. we implemented rigorous security protocols, conducted thorough testing, and ensured compliance with regulations. We optimized app performance, prioritized cross-platform consistency, and utilized real-time communication. Database scalability was achieved through careful planning, and collaborative efforts were facilitated by effective project management. Ongoing maintenance and user support were integral for long-term success.


Collect payments using the Banqit Business App and the web – Pos & Remote. Sign up for Businesses with Companies House & Address Lookup using APIs Integrated 3rd party PSD2 / Open Banking APIs for access to Bank Accounts & making payments. Chat based help Based on Flutter, NodeJS, React, MongoDB and ASP.NET, flutter and firebase; deployed in Azure.