Sep 04, 2023
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 BIAN Customised Open AI (Chat GPT)

BIAN Customised Open AI (Chat GPT)

7-12 months
United Kingdom, Derby
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Banking & Financial Services
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Developing a customized OpenAI instance for BIAN posed significant challenges. Adapting the model to grasp the intricacies of BIAN data, including documents and API specifications, required meticulous fine-tuning and embedding. Ensuring seamless integration of this tailored chat feature into the BIAN Portal while maintaining accuracy and relevance in responses was a complex task, demanding extensive domain-specific expertise and technical process.


To address the challenges of customizing OpenAI for BIAN, we conducted meticulous data preparation and fine-tuning. We integrated BIAN's domain-specific documents and API specifications into the model's training data. Our solution ensured the chat feature seamlessly integrated with the BIAN Portal, providing accurate and contextually relevant responses. Regular model updates and ongoing training maintenance were implemented to ensure the system's continued relevance and effectivenes


We created a customised OpenAI instance leveraging finetuning and embeddings to create a customised Chat (like Chat GPT) but trained in the data of our client BIAN. Highlights Creation of Open AI model (engine behind Chat GPT), trained with BIAN data, including documents, and the BIAN model specification (including APIs REST and Async). To make available a Chat through the BIAN Portal, based on a BIAN trained Open AI model