Sep 04, 2023
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 BIAN Landscape APIs

BIAN Landscape APIs

7-12 months
United Kingdom, Derby
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Artificial Intelligence
Big Data
IT Services
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Banking & Financial Services
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Developing REST APIs to access BIAN Standard Landscape Data, including Service Domains, Business Scenarios, and Business Objects, presented challenges in data modeling and consistency. Ensuring secure and scalable access while integrating with MongoDB and ASP.NET required careful planning. Deploying on Azure App Services and Kubernetes demanded configuration complexity and continuous maintenance for reliable performance in both sandbox and live environments


We addressed challenges by implementing a robust data model and API architecture. Careful data modeling ensured consistency and accuracy in accessing BIAN Standard Landscape Data. Security was a top priority, and we integrated robust security measures into the APIs. Leveraging Azure App Services and Kubernetes ensured scalability and high availability. Continuous monitoring and maintenance were key to sustaining optimal performance in both sandbox and live environments. Our solution provided reliable and secure access to BIAN Service Landscape components while maintaining flexibility for future enhancements.


REST APIs to access the BIAN Standard Landscape Data - Sandbox and Live APIs to expose the BIAN Service Landscape components including Service Domains Business Scenarios Business Objects (Classes, Enumerations, Data Types, Primitive Types) Service Domain APIs Business Capabilities Security APIs Built using ASP.NET & MongoDB Deployed on Azure App Services, Azure Kubernetes Services