Nov 23, 2021
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G-plans & Shift - Fitness and health tracking applications.

G-plans & Shift - Fitness and health tracking applications.

7-12 months
United States, San Diego
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Mobile Development
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React Native


The client contacted datarockets to help their team develop existing mobile applications, Shift and G-plans, developed with React Native. Both applications have been created to promote and help people to lead a healthy lifestyle. Our challenges list consisted of making the whole team working as one engine by setting up a transparent development process and communication, improving the existing codebase, updating libraries, and adding new functionality.


Apart from new functionality, the application required “housework”, such as updating old libraries, because of the issues we had in the app which should have been fixed in the React Native’s latest version. The upgrade progress was difficult because the project had plenty of dependencies with native code and we ought to migrate to the 0.60 version of React Native which brought significant changes in handling native dependencies. The most crucial tasks we implemented on the project were: Workouts caching that made it possible to have exercises without internet connection; App’s global network listener that notified about a poor network connection; The app optimization that reduced its size ~ 3 times; Interactive on-boarding with a chatbot.


The project has been put on hold because of COVID-19. By that time, our team managed to improve the product development processes that included code review, demo calls with the client, crashes processing and many more. We used the best React Native development practices to implement a variety of different features and optimizations (described above) to improve the value and UX of the applications.