Nov 23, 2021
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Glassfrog is a Holacracy support tool that helps design and maintain the Holacracy structure in your organization. Holacracy itself is an agile organization framework that works perfectly for startups and modern companies. GlassFrog makes it possible to manage employees, their roles, and responsibilities in a simple and visual-rich way. The client was looking for an experienced remote team to increase their velocity. As it was an ongoing and long-term project, we didn’t have a specific goal to achieve as the end result. We started with app performance optimization and major UX changes implementation and then moved to more challenging tasks within Glassfrog product strategy.


We started with infrastructure tasks to improve app performance and make the development process easier. The app was upgraded to the latest versions of Rails that allowed us to extend the app with third-party libraries that weren’t compatible with the previous Rails versions. We moved almost all features to Webpack, refactored code, and covered them with tests, including Jest’s snapshot tests. To catch typing errors, avoid bugs, and make the code more consistent, we configured ESLint. One more task we worked on together with the Glassfrog core team was GraphQL API setup. We contributed to the server-side infrastructure, resolved N+1 problems, and queried data with Relay client on the frontend. Apart from it, we implemented dozens of features and UX updates.


We’ve been working on GlassFrog for 5 years already and implemented a variety of features: from UX improvements to complex infrastructure changes which led to significant performance improvement. Apart from the obvious benefits such as new features implemented with our help, Glassfrog team benefits from working with us in the following ways: - It allows scaling the team easily depending on the scope of work . - Working with our team encloses access to the expertise that they don’t have in-house Working together, we exchange our experience and learn from each other about the best practices in programming, building company culture, and many more.
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