Nov 23, 2021
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Human analytics platform for teams

7-12 months
Canada, Toronto
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The ultimate goal of VITAL is to improve individual productivity and increase self-awareness when working with teams. Our client started with simple journaling using Google Spreadsheets in order to validate their concept. It took hours of work to set up spreadsheets for new members as well as initiate data entry for new time periods. Moreover, the spreadsheet solution wasn’t scalable at all and it wasn’t possible to share VITAL’s ideas with new people while the application was based on spreadsheets. So, we had to solve the following 2 challenges: - Making the data entry process more convenient. - Providing value from data entry to teams – giving some motivation to fill in data every day.


We decided to implement a custom web application that would fulfill the data tracking needs. As a result, the users were able to transition from their spreadsheets to the app and the following features were implemented: - Journaling (Daily entry: Win, Loss or Draw + text log) - Teams and dashboard for teams configurable by team admins - Team members’ management, invites via email - Shared and private logs - Additional data types as checklists and counters - Ability to comment on data entries of your teams - Graphs that visualize Win Lose or Draw metrics within teams After some time, we gathered feedback from the early adopters and learned that they preferred to use mobile devices to fill it in. We allocated 4 more weeks to build a mobile app.


Together with the Pixel Dreams team, we implemented a web application that allows the tracking of personal data such as: - Journaling (day results, WIN, LOSE or DRAW) - Variety of counters (Book readings, daily calorie intake, etc.) - Daily checklists (useful routine items, taboos) Currently, VITAL is in closed BETA. Together with Pixel Dreams, we are evaluating different business models in order to find a product-market fit and define what improvements we are going to build next. On the whole, the MVP building process with the implementation of new features and a mobile web app took us 18 weeks (~4.5 months) of development.
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