Nov 23, 2021
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Level counter for Munchkin board game

2-3 months
Belarus, Minsk
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At datarockets, we have a very old tradition – playing board games. Munchkin is among the most favorite games of our team. We really enjoy playing this hilarious card game, but it requires players to track their levels and strengths somehow. As the absolute majority of Munchkin players, we used to use a piece of paper and pencil for that purpose, which wasn’t convenient at all. Until one day. We realized that we had a 1-month gap between our projects and a strong desire to build something on Android trying out new libraries and design patterns. Just for fun, we decided to build a tool that resolves our struggles with Munchkin. That was a pet project, so we didn’t have any intention to earn on that application, but considered it as a serious experiment.


The first thing we did was market analysis. Almost all apps were outdated (even the official one), had few installs and were not supported well enough. Moreover, the official application cost $5, so our idea to build a modern tool for free looked competitive. The first version of the app had 2 screens and was successfully published to Google Play in just 2 weeks! The iOS version was built in one month. We also improved our Android app, fixed bugs, and moved the code from SQLBrite (the library for performing database operations with RxJava) to Room which is a part of Android Architecture Components. In addition, we migrated the code to RxJava 2.


As a result, we had the applications for the Munchkin card game published on Google Play and Appstore. After we published the app, we noticed a rapid growth in users (80-120 users a week). Our first users, who have already loved the app, made us some suggestions on how to make it better. That was a pet project for our team and we invested only 2 months into the apps’ development in total but had beaten our competitors with zero investment into marketing. We had 20 000 – 25 000 active users and more than 50 000 downloads.
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