Nov 23, 2021
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Venue booking platform for businesses in the UK

7-12 months
United Kingdom, London
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Business Services
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Websites & Landings
Business Software
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Ruby on Rails


WeFindVenues (WFV) is an online platform built to support clients with simply finding venues for their events. WFV was originally built in Ruby on Rails and required continuous changes, which has resulted in the partnership between WFV and datarockets. Datarockets has decided to take over further platform development and support. Starting with several minor features updates, bug fixing, and code refactoring, the platform itself did not appear to be such a challenge. However, after a short test iteration, the WFV team requested full support from datarockets including the major platform redesign.


Datarockets has successfully fixed bugs and improved features that surpassed the 5-year-old platform’s “housework” demands. datarockets used the given mockups aimed to improve user experience. While working on this implementation, we found a way to make the mockups even better. Open communication and team engagement resulted in accomplishing desired goals. Our team ensured not just to implement designs from given mockups but also did research and proposed our ideas on how to improve the things around.


Although facing several challenges during the 2-month period processing WFV project updates, there have also been several significant improvements datarockets has achieved, including speed-up venue search and booking for users. As a result, the WFV team has received the very first feedback from their user right after the release: Datarockets is proud of the success that the team has achieved, to simplify the whole development process and maximize the convenience for the WFV team and their clients.