Jan 29, 2024
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Web Application Development for Nursing Educational Company

Web Application Development for Nursing Educational Company

7-12 months
United States, Portland, Oregon
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To Create a Web App E-learning software with robust social features and admin capabilities. Datazo InfoTech is designing and developing an e-learning web application for a nursing educational company. Key features include gamification, email and browser notifications, and a payment portal.


We hired Datazo InfoTech to design a web application to serve our business in a variety of ways. First, to provide a more socially connected e-learning experience for our students with built-in social features, chat, gamification, and email/browser notifications, in addition to all of the things you would expect in a typical e-learning solution such as video/text content, downloads, and payment portals. Finally, they created an admin portal with tons of back-end features to streamline business processes, such as payment collections, generating group assignments, assigning certificates of completion, gamification, and a killer course builder.


A fully functional, beautifully designed web application with admin, instructor, and student portals fully integrated. Delivered within one year of the project start date. Delivered within budget. Project management was rock solid. We made a mistake on our end of underestimating what we were asking for initially, but they do a great job of accommodating our growing desires for our app. As with any project, the relationship grows with time. We switched from project-based to ongoing development about one year in, to streamline the development process. Overall, they were very patient when needed, very creative and thorough business analysts, and highly skilled technical engineers.
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Web Application Development for Nursing Educational Company
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Web Application Development for Nursing Educational Company