Sep 04, 2022
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Pickaboo E-commerce App

Pickaboo E-commerce App

7-12 months
Bangladesh, Dhaka
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Web Development
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Consumer Products & Services
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React Native


Data Manipulation:- The issues of super slow performance were faced when we tried to upload beta in the server to go live. Therefore, it caused the application to perform slower and affect its usability of the application, the issue was detected as layer caching. Magento REST API:- Pickaboo’s existing e-commerce application was developed using Magento 2 technology. Magento 2 technology is basically an open-source e-commerce platform that is completely written in PHP furthermore, its community is small and we had less knowledge about it.


Data Manipulation:- The issue was resolved by using different caching layers such as magneto cache and app cache layering. Here, we have used the data manipulation technique to change the data in order to make them more readable and in order. Magento REST API:- Therefore, in order to proceed with our development of the application, we needed to learn Magneto 2 and use it. It was challenging since our team was not aware of its techniques and carried less knowledge. We learned it from scratch and used it in the development process.


** 30% Performance Boost ** 98% Reduction In App Crush ** 40% User Satisfiction
** 30% Performance Boost ** 98% Reduction In App Crush ** 40% User Satisfiction