Jun 16, 2023
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Technical Due Diligence for the Church of England

Technical Due Diligence for the Church of England

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United Kingdom, London
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Representatives of the Church of England contacted DeepInspire and requested a technology audit & assessment to understand the current technology state of their online platform, identify issues and areas for improvement, and help them implement the right approach to development that will ensure successful product growth. The main objective was to understand their pain, reveal its reasons, and see how things could be improved.


Conducted a comprehensive check of the product's technical condition and code quality, we recommend switching to a full-fledged frontend with frameworks like React or Angular. It can help simplify maintenance and improve performance in the long run. Based on the product's features and the client's goals, we have defined that the best-fit cooperation model between the client and technical specialists is Dedicated Team as the most suitable model for long-term product development and successful product scale. We have also advised on the best-fit team composition and recommended the assignment of a Technical Lead as the person to oversee the development process, review architecture, define & plan product development strategy, and take responsibility for all tech decisions.


After conducting the technical due diligence, we delivered a comprehensive report on the state of the client's technology and development team. Our assessment included a thorough review of the codebase and technology stack, as well as an evaluation of the cooperation model between the client and their development team.