Mar 02, 2023
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Complex multi-shop Magento 2 system for printing

Complex multi-shop Magento 2 system for printing

2-3 months
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he project immediately presented several challenges. First of all, it was quite a specific industry. We had to figure out how the system should work and how to implement our solution, taking into account all the needs of the client and his customers. The second challenge was the number of original sites, which were highly customized. Even the company itself didn't fully understand how exactly they worked. We needed to figure out the system and maintain the initial four sites throughout the entire development.


We conducted a technical review of the project on Magento 1 and made a plan for migration to Magento 2. A huge amount of data was transferred from the old e-shops. In addition, Bannerheld had another goal to become a marketplace for other businesses that deal with printing products. Using Magento 2, we developed a system that collects data from different online stores in one place, processes it, and sends it to the press room. We implemented all critically important and complex features within this part of the project. The finished system can also synchronize product and price data from external stores.


Based on different Magento versions, we developed a complex mechanism of working with prices that took into account all possible aspects of the orders: material, print type, size, etc. At the same time, the customer could place orders with different manufacturers at once, and our system automatically sent them notifications, allowing tracking of the status of each order.