Mar 02, 2023
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Supplier of Wooden Playgrounds for Children

Supplier of Wooden Playgrounds for Children

4-6 months
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First of all, we had to structure and reconfigure the entire online component of the Selwood Products business, which took a lot of time. But the most exciting part was something completely different. The client had bought the Detailed Review module from us. What was it for? Let's say one product is available on several sites. And a satisfied customer leaves a review on one of them. This review needed to be automatically duplicated on the other sites where the same product exists.


When Selwood Products came to us, they had multiple sites on Magento 1 and WordPress to work in each region. The data was patchy, and the design of the sites differed from each other. So we needed to unify everything. What stages did the project consist of? Investigation Structuring Sites Magento 1Magento 2 migration Module configuration Redesign Support


We didn't just bring the client's online stores to "order" and structure them. We also developed a brand book to unify the design of all Selwood sites. In addition, we set up the Detailed Review module so that every time a review appeared, the system would check: whether it was a new review where it should be posted whether the same product was on any other site whether the same review is available under this item on other sites and many other parameters Developing a system that takes into account so many nuances was challenging and very time-consuming. But it has also brought us valuable new experiences! Our team has developed a really strong relationship with Selwood Products.