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Defined.ai provides high-quality training data, tools, and models to AI professionals to power their AI projects. With resources in speech, NLP, translation, and computer vision, AI professionals can look to Defined.ai as a resource to get complex AI and machine learning projects to market quickly and efficiently. We host the leading AI marketplace, where data scientists, machine learning engineers, academics, and others can buy and sell off-the-shelf datasets, tools, and models. We also provide customizable workflows with tailor-made solutions to improve any AI project. Quality is at the core of everything we do, and we are in compliance with industry privacy standards and best practices. We also have a passion and mission to ensure that our data is ethically collected, transparently presented, and representative – since AI often reflects of our own human biases, it’s necessary to make efforts to prevent as much bias as possible, and our practices reflect that. With offices in Seattle, USA, Lisbon and Porto, Portugal and Tokyo, Japan, and over 150 employees from around the world, Defined.ai has a truly global perspective humanity’s future with AI and its contributions to human flourishing.

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