Apr 18, 2023
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Innovative medical app that provides real-time access medical services

Innovative medical app that provides real-time access medical services

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The field of medicine worldwide is gradually shifting to an electronic format for maintaining medical records, appointments with doctors, and telemedicine. Doc.ua is the largest Ukrainian service for online searching and making appointments for medical services. Ukrainians can make appointments in almost any clinic and not stand in line. Still, medicine is not limited to the registry, so the market needs an ecosystem for the patient's interaction with the doctor and to provide the patient with complete care for their health and data about them.


Decisions made and business goals - Two mobile applications, in conjunction with medical information systems, should provide doctors with complete information about a patient and help the patient to find a specialist who will solve precisely his/her problem. - Patients need additional help in determining the physician's specialization for their case. Integration with insurance companies allows to reach more customers of the service and potentially helps to reduce the load on the call center. - Patients and doctors need to be provided with a channel of communication during a call to the house. - A new medical ecosystem is a platform for doctors with the possibility of funds withdrawal.


Customer Feedback "Devlight has developed quite high-load projects and this was one of the key points – for us to find the partner who knows how to build a high-load application architecture. Also, one of the benefits of Devlight is the cool design sprint approach for quick entry and understanding of business processes and synchronization of actions of the customer’s team and internal team before starting work" - Sergey Kazantsev, CEO Doc.ua 📍 The results of the DOC.UA app: 🔥 350k+ installs 🔥 10 000 monthly users