Apr 08, 2021
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Enterprise Resource Planning Software

2-3 months
United States, San Francisco
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Custom Software Development
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Business Software
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Because of the company's reputation in the telecommunication services sector, and due to the sensitive nature of the data processed, our design and code had to be top-quality to stand up to the scrutiny from the client's department, as well as external auditors. The company had very precisely specified its custom needs and expectations which we had to meet. The system, which we were asked to develop, is critical for the company's operations storing important information, none of which can get lost or leaked. Thus, we had to cope with very sensitive data and build a product that had to comply with strict security requirements.


A telecommunication services company asked us to design and develop a simple, intuitive application for planning resources, managing tasks, and projects in an effective way. Designed and tailored especially for client's needs, ERP naturally became a great, more powerful replacement for Jira, and for custom Excel template files that the client used in combination with Jira. With an easy-to-use interface, daily reports and reminders, it helped the client to achieve greater efficiency and reduce time spent on resource planning in the company by providing a fully transparent picture of the current status & strategy.


Custom-made, secure and powerful business tool An entirely bespoke ERP & PM system that includes the features and functionalities which perfectly fit the client's needs. Our solution provides improved security and processing capabilities compared to commonly used Jira. Needless to say - it has also entirely replaced Jira in 2 departments and is now a core tool used for day to day operations.