Dec 20, 2022
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Claims Management Solution for Insurance Broker

Claims Management Solution for Insurance Broker

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United Arab Emirates
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The main goal of our customer was to address the problems of insurers, HR departments, and consumers. All faced the challenges associated with high workloads, complicated processes, and unstructured data. Most HR departments involve a lot of human resources, time, and effort to plan and deliver employee benefits. Insurers, in their turn, spend a lot of time for underwriting processes. Employees can wait for days once their claim or inquiry processes. We had to develop a system that could automate that work, reduce the paperwork, and seamlessly connect insurers with consumers.


The final product is an online system that simplifies and automates the work of brokers, HR departments, and provides a comprehensive self-service channel for employees. It is a user-friendly solution that requires no specific computer skills. The system provides the features for the two types of end-users. The first target users are insurers and brokers, and the second one - employers.


25% cooperation growth | Since the final product is a unique solution in the insurance market, the collaboration between insurers and brokers is growing by 25% each year. As a result of continuous improvements, brokers can offer new services to their clients. Ultimately, the product retains existing customers and attracts new prospects by delivering up-to-date solutions.