Dec 20, 2022
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Integration and Optimization of the Core CRM

Integration and Optimization of the Core CRM

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As long as Nextcom is a relatively small company with a few in-house employees, it couldn’t handle all the dev tasks. The client team started building the CRM system independently. However, with the increase in the number of customers, Nextcom decided to partner with DICEUS. Initially, we helped with the integration tasks and then expanded our services with .NET development for CRM solutions.


Nowadays, Nextcom CRM is a powerful and universal solution. It optimizes customer experience, improves sales, and gathers essential data under one roof. The solution has a number of customizable modules that can be tailored according to the requirements of each client. This CRM provides industry-specific features, templates, lists, SMS, telephony, third-party connections. <br> We’re helping Nextcom for more than seven years in a row. Mainly, we continue focusing on seamless integrations of the CRM product with end-user solutions.


2,000 people per day use the system | Various Nextcom customers regularly use the CRM software integrated by our developers. Migration from monolith to REST API | The outdated architecture wasn’t able to meet new requirements. Now, the solution has a REST architectural basement. Two-way integration with Office 365 and Google calendars | We integrated convenient calendars by Google and Office 365 for better CRM experience.