Dec 20, 2022
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Mobile app dev services for insurance company

Mobile app dev services for insurance company

2-3 months
Service categories
Domain focus


Insurance is a paper-heavy business. Severe industry-specific regulations and rather complicated processes require plenty of documents that are continuously increasing. Meanwhile, customers expect simpler processes of policy purchasing, claim filing, reimbursements, etc. Thus, insurers start investing in digitization, which means becoming paper-free and introducing new ways of customer engagement. UNIQA contacted DICEUS with a similar challenge. Although the company already has a mobile app, its users are not satisfied with how it works. As a result, UNIQA’s customers avoid using the app. Instead, they prefer calling the call center or using a Telegram chat. So, our client wanted to double the number of customer requests via a mobile app and decrease the overload on the call center.


We started with a discovery phase aimed at gaining a clear understanding of the customer’s business and technical challenges as well as learning better who UNIQA’s buyer persona is. Our UX researchers conducted a series of interviews with the users of the existing app and created user portraits, including user needs, goals, frustrations, habits, and expectations. It helped us create a new app concept and offer mock-ups designed with a deep understanding of the customer’s business logic. We have recommended improvements for the internal systems and informed the client of the required integrations to make all the apps work as one system effectively. Finally, for the product development stage, we offered the technology stack, team composition, and defined non-functional requirements.


User journey mapping | To understand why people don’t want to use the existing mobile app, our UX researchers explored user journeys, habits, and needs. They specified a set of problems users face while using the app and the reasons for which they don’t want to use it. Along with the findings, we developed possible ways to overcome all these challenges with the help of technology improvements and a new app development strategy.