May 11, 2023
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4-6 months
United States
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Software Development
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To create a wireless audio transmitter that connects to a TV's audio out port (or any other device with an audio out port) to transmit the audio over a Wi-Fi signal on an existing network to multiple devices: mobile phone, tablets or over Bluetooth to any wireless headset or audio speaker.


The solution allows the app to reach minimal latency and high sound quality under conditions of home or public WiFi networks. CloviFi is able to adapt its streaming protocol to the specific task, depending on the number of users, quality and stability of the WiFi signal, and the local network.


Diffco team created a complete software stack for this product from the CloviFi firmware, audio streaming protocol to the mobile applications both for iOS and Android. The Diffco team developed the reliable software updating solution, which keeps your CloviFi always fresh and updated. It’s based on cloud technologies with a solid testing and backup framework.