Jul 15, 2022
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North Oakland Internists, PC - NOIP

North Oakland Internists, PC - NOIP

4-6 months
United States, Auburn Hills
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It was challenging for North Oakland Internists, PC to differentiate itself among the plethora of healthcare organisations that provide their services online. Even though NOIP provided medical services that had been created via study and were staffed by seasoned professionals, they still required help getting this message out to their target audience. The potential that NOIP held was not adequately displayed on their prior website. It failed to mention how skilled at building relationships with customers its experienced doctors possessed.


When NOIP asked Digital Auxilius for help, we first carried out some market research. We looked into the needs of their target market, what is being provided for, and what isn't. Then we closely examined their rivals, analysed how they were meeting client expectations, and assessed whether they were aware of any market gaps. Every element of their website, including the user experience, the brand messaging, and how they portray their ability to build relationships with customers, was examined.


After conducting all necessary research, we started developing the website. We went above and beyond to create a user-friendly website that will address the bulk of visitors' questions. All of the images were hawkeyed to convey the message the business is attempting to convey while also looking appealing. After building the website, we used modern SEO techniques to integrate it into Google's algorithms and make NOIP more accessible to customers.
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North Oakland Internists, PC - NOIP
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North Oakland Internists, PC - NOIP
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North Oakland Internists, PC - NOIP