Jun 12, 2021
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SEO Work For Dmatic Solution

SEO Work For Dmatic Solution

4-6 months
Spain, Fernández
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Mobile Development
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Advertising & Marketing


Dmatic Solution is the SEO Service company, based out in Gujarat, that provides the bulk SMS and E-mail services. The company faced the problem of generating traffic on the website and the Google ranking. Although they are providing solitary services still they were unable to achieve the desired output.


We ushered the thorough analysis of every page and concluded that: We found that the website content was outdated which was not generating enough traffic. A low link count was observed on all the pages. The landing page was not optimized. Lack of adequate backlink.


We assisted in website revamping with the proper optimization of the business page. Managed the content and blog at the website with the pertinent keywords. We handled their social media pages with engaging content by targeting the right audience. We generated the backlink to improve their visibility at Google search. More focused competitive terms were targeted to improve visibility.