May 18, 2023
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BeeSmart Rx Health

BeeSmart Rx Health

2-3 months
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The problem: Around the world, people/patients have difficulties with the medication approval procedure. The prescribed medications must be purchased from the pharmacy covered by the patient's health insurance. The patient had to go through the lengthy prescription approval process if the drug wasn't available at the insured pharmacy, which was bothersome. The entire process consumed a lot of time and energy.


The solution: We created the "BeeSmart" mobile app as the industry's leading innovator of digital solutions to speed up the entire pharmaceutical approval procedure. Patients can upload their prescriptions using this app by taking pictures of them. To help doctors spend more time caring for their patients, the app also provides extra capabilities like e-prescribing. BeeSmart also offers a support option that allows doctors to send encouraging words to patients while monitoring their progress.


We created an innovative mobile app for BeeSmart Rx Health to help patients/people streamline the complicated medication approval process. The app simplified the overall process and made it easier for people/patients to purchase the required medicines while adding additional features.