May 16, 2023
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FootPrint - Bespoke Homemade Shoes Marketplace

FootPrint - Bespoke Homemade Shoes Marketplace

2-3 months
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The Problem People go through tough times or end up damaging their heels severely because of wearing uneven shoes or the ones with wrong measurements. Imagine having an important meeting to attend, but your feet are hurting while you are walking to the meeting room. This inconvenience can ruin your whole day. Footprint decided to take away the problem by offering tailor-made solutions for comfortable footwear. As a result, the lack of a web and app solution to promote a business is a major issue. However, if DigiTrends is your technology partner, you can sit back and relax while we work on the solution.


The Solution DigiTrends is already popular for its amazing work in technology solutions for various companies and industries. For the footprint company, we offered web and e-commerce solutions that also cater to content management needs. The complete solution provides audiences with the information and Footprint with the online management system. Customers will get access to the full view of all types of catalogs of shoes and their accessories. How we did it? Our team read the system and took notes on e-commerce businesses. They jotted down the needs for online security, content management, and customer feasibility to meet the ends. Then, they developed the ultimate web solution for people to check out the catalog, even before visiting the shop or talking to the consultants.


The Footprint is a US-based company for your tailor-made shoes. Footprint has a complete setup in their warehouse to prepare the shoes as per your feet size and structure. We provided the online web portal for the e-commerce platform along with the content management system. It has a smooth ordering process with a high-security payment system. The web portal is easy to navigate and allows customers to go through the previous catalogs smoothly. Clients can take their time to look into the catalog and make a decision easily.