May 18, 2023
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2-3 months
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Web Development
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The problem: Redoxon produces products that preserve your body's natural defender in top condition and has 88 years of expertise with Vitamin C. They intended for individuals to recognize the value of maintaining optimum performance and to assist them in doing so. They sought a website that would serve this purpose and provide all the information about vitamins, minerals, the immune system, colds and flu, preventing infections, etc.


The solution: Following Redoxon's specifications, we developed a user-friendly website and added all relevant details and visuals. We used Drupal Technology for this website. The website makes it easier for users to navigate and search. Users can get more details about Redoxon products in the frequently asked questions section. The website is a one-stop shop where customers can purchase products and acquire all relevant information. To further strengthen their brand identification, we developed this website using the same intriguing colour palette as their products.


We developed a website for Bayer’s Redoxon that matches the colour scheme of the offered items. Our designs included vibrant visuals that matched their branding to strengthen their brand identification. Bayer’s Redoxon product line supports the immune system and keeps it functioning at its best. The goal is to support people in understanding the value of maintaining peak physical condition and helping them do so.