May 18, 2023
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Zinc Club

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The Problem Short height, weakened immune system, and other conditions including respiratory infections, malaria, and diarrheal illnesses are the main health effects of zinc deficiency. When compared to iron insufficiency, which accounts for around 6% of worldwide DALYs, zinc deficiency has a larger impact on death rates, causing 2.7% of DALYs globally. Since zinc deficiency has a detrimental effect on health and can cause impairments including cognitive impairment and reduced job ability, low- and middle-income developing nations are the most affected.


The Solution Zinc Club is a game created for HCP engagement created to bring about more awareness regarding zinc and its deficiencies along with treatment and management. In this game 4 teams participated through a team selection game as well. Once the teams are formed, a total of 3 main rounds were played. Each team has a lifeline option and the team which scored the highest will win.


Digitrends created a game for Abbott to engage HCP’s in learning more about zinc and its importance to the human body. Abbott required an impacting campaign to bring awareness about zinc deficiencies and how they affect people in front of everyone. Abbott is aware that maintaining excellent health is the foundation of enjoying a fulfilling life. Abbott commits to life-changing technologies that bring information, medicines and breakthroughs for people to manage their health effectively.