Jun 29, 2023
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Cross Platform Mobile App Development Project with Flutter for Healthcare

Cross Platform Mobile App Development Project with Flutter for Healthcare

4-6 months
United States
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We were tasked with creating an application that would allow us to remove paperwork in medical practice. The service was supposed to become the doctor's primary assistant in controlling patient payments, billing, working with debts, etc. Challenges: Payment systems integration, Possibility of creating superbills, Long-term storage of payment history


The result was an app that exceeded customer expectations after the first month of using it. Thanks to the Autopay module, there is no need to remind customers about payments or keep track of debts. All this now happens automatically. An additional security system was added. This allowed the integration of payment systems, including the processing of bank cards. Therefore, payments have become easy and fast. At the same time, both family members and a third party can pay for medical services for the client. And all invoices, statements, and forms can be downloaded in seconds. At the same time, you always have access to the payment history, and you can view everything in detail at any time from your smartphone.


As part of the advertising campaign, the application was made available on a trial basis for 1 month. After testing by practitioners, the service immediately received positive feedback. 80% of specialists gave the convenience of debt management the highest rating. Every 4th doctor out of 10 indicated that he is ready to replace paper invoices with electronic ones this month. Patient responses have also been excellent. About 90% of customers were able to pay the bill within 2 minutes after setting up the application without asking for additional help.