Jun 29, 2023
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Cross Platform Mobile App Development Project with Flutter - freelancer's platform

Cross Platform Mobile App Development Project with Flutter - freelancer's platform

4-6 months
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We were faced with the task of creating a service that would make life easier for the people in each city. The application should bring together customers and performers in a couple of clicks to perform the simplest everyday tasks, such as replacing a windshield, general cleaning of an apartment, or classes with a math teacher. Challenges: Allow clients to hire specialists quickly to perform their tasks on a geographic basis, Create a UI/UX-friendly application that works quickly, Provide simple and fast checkout for both the specialist and the customer.


Keeping the service simple was a key challenge. Therefore, it was decided to implement two separate applications for customers and performers. Each participant sees only the functionality he needs. A structured system of services was created, with division into categories and localization, which makes it easier to post tasks to clients and create a portfolio for specialists. The latter was included in the registration process. As a result, a professional ready to provide certain services can sign up for the service, indicate the specialization, and tariffs in just a few minutes.


On the other hand, the client does not need to search for a specialist among hundreds of possible ones. It is enough for him to create an ad in the correct category and get a lot of responses from potential performers on the same day. After completing the order, the client can leave a review, and therefore it is even easier to choose a specialist because there is already a proven experience.