Sep 08, 2022
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Communication Systems Provider

Communication Systems Provider

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Challenges Some of the key challenges experienced by the client were: Multiple systems were used for financial management, inventory management, project management, payroll management, CRM operations, etc. due to which the information was not centralized, and financial reporting was done manually. All the inventoried products were being maintained as non-inventoried products as material tracking was not possible. Inconsistencies in quote comparisons, best product evaluation, and logistics trading. Cumbersome time tracking, resource scheduling, and expense reporting.


Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, ProjectPro
Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, ProjectPro


Results Access to a centralized database, accessible to all the departments with integrated information. Real-time inventory tracking and real-time project costing. Much more detailed resource scheduling and resource-wise time tracking. Procurement of material after multiple approvals minimizing the purchase of over-the-need stock. Enhanced lead and opportunity handling as well as resource and work order management.