Jan 13, 2022
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Barcode Reader Implementation for Covid-19 Test

Barcode Reader Implementation for Covid-19 Test

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The 2Weeks application is a robust end-to-end COVID-19 solution. At the heart of the application is COVID-19 test management. Pre-registered test candidates can be quickly entered into the system using a QR code and assigned uniquely to a corresponding "test kit." For the processing of COVID-19 tests, which must be evaluated by a laboratory (PCR tests), barcode labels are created automatically using 2Weeks. There was a need for reliable barcode scanning. Since the 2Weeks application is meant to be ideal for smartphone use, the barcoding needed to work across all common mobile Internet browsers as opposed to a dedicated app. This would remove any requirement for creating and managing cumbersome mobile apps and make the application more universally available.


Their development team used a free barcode reader software development kit, unfortunately, it did not work reliably for their needs. It was clear, with the importance of health data involved, they had to look for a professional barcode tool. One of the developers came across Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK on the internet. After researching it and other possible solutions, the team believed it would offer the best of possibilities for a barcoding solution. They decided to use the Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK. The team developed the application to use smartphone cameras to read QR codes within their browser-based app. In just three months, it was up and running. It was being used for the testing and vaccination results as well as appointment setting.


While it is inevitable that some very old smartphones still being used are not supported, the application has been a success. It is being used regularly by thousands of people daily to get COVID-19 testing and properly provide results to people. The team was able to eliminate the scan reliability issues uncovered with the free barcode reader SDK. In addition, they eliminated many months of additional work that would have been required to build a barcode reader internally. In addition, with Dynamsoft providing regular support for the SDK, there is no need to worry about technically supporting the barcoding aspect that is central to the application.
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Barcode Reader Implementation for Covid-19 Test