Jan 04, 2024
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Design practices for trading platform

Design practices for trading platform

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Our client tasked us with simplifying the user's flow and making it user-friendly for individuals who are new to trading platforms. Dynevo team developed an innovative and intuitive design for the application. We incorporated a fresh color scheme and adopted a modern UI design that enhanced the platform's visual appeal. Furthermore, we added new features to the system, allowing users to interact with the platform seamlessly.


Following active communication with our client, we developed a new mobile and desktop version of the design incorporating animations and interactive prototypes aligned with best design practices for trading platforms. Our diligent effort resulted in an enhanced version of the platform that is sleek, user-friendly, and offers a smooth trading experience to its users.


The solution helps users easily create their own portfolio of strategy providers to follow while also having full control over their risk management. The platform offers real-time monitoring of trades, positions, and profit and loss, giving users comprehensive insights into their investments. Additionally, users can either start with a demo account or opt for a paid account to access all the features of the system.