Jan 23, 2024
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Photo Upload Application

Photo Upload Application

7-12 months
United States
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The web and desktop application was developed to make photo uploads into remote storage. The problem was that photographers usually work in places where there is no good connection, so they can put photo uploads into a queue and deliver them to remote storage where the connection is good. A user can drag up to several hundred photos at one time, and then the system will process and asynchronously upload them to the SFTP server. Admin panel site was implemented too, for configuration purposes.


To implement this system for the management of photo uploads, the following functionality was included: - Making project architecture; - Frontend development; - Building business logic layer; - Connection to database For the admin panel, MySQL was used, and for the desktop application, H2 DB was used. As an additional feature, the user could specify a folder to upload, and the folder was monitored automatically. The desktop application contained a drop area, a tree view for folders, and progress bars for each file. Admin application had a big config form with about 30 inputs of different types and some list views for working with users.


Desktop and web applications designed to streamline the management of photo uploads. Innovative software solution makes it easier than ever to upload, organize, and manage your photos seamlessly. Whether you're a professional photographer or a hobbyist, the application offers an intuitive and efficient way to handle visual content