Feb 20, 2024
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Touch Stay | nearshore software development

Touch Stay | nearshore software development

more 1 year
United Kingdom, London
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In the fading days of summer 2017, a fresh challenge landed in our lap through a message on our website. "We need someone to take over our web development," the message started, talking about their platform built with Django, a Python framework, and inviting us to dive deeper into their product. We jumped on it right away, but truth be told, it wasn't smooth sailing from the get-go. There was a lot of back-and-forth, trying to get every detail right. Eventually, the tide turned in our favor. We found ourselves sealing the deal with a handshake over pints in a cozy pub beside the Thames in London.


Touch Stay has reached a new development phase, prompting the search for technical solutions to progress. The development team at Echo spent some time learning about the specific problems the client needed to address. When working with startup companies, the exact solution may not always be clear and can change with each business pivot. Therefore, our developers began by constructing the application in easily modifiable segments, testing and rolling out new features as they became available.


Echo quickly put together a nearshore team of skilled web developers. They added new features like instant messaging, sending messages later, creating PDFs, and support for multiple languages. Echo also updated the system to use a REST API, which helps it work better with the latest website technologies. They improved how the product works and made it more secure. Plus, they took care of the app and kept the project's documents up to date.