Jul 14, 2023
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Eternity Group - ELIS

more 1 year
Mexico, Mexico
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Transportation & Logistics
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Develop a customized system with a high degree of automation of Eternity's internal processes that allows coordinating, tracking, documenting and organizing the logistics it manages for its customers. At the same time, provide them with the possibility of visualizing the status of their operations in real time, through the platform.


Development of a system for coordinating and tracking logistics and transportation operations in the cloud to achieve the required automation and modernization. The objectives we pursued were Scalability, Automatization,Flexibility and Performance optimization We conducted our innovation workshop, through which we identified the main opportunities for improvement and situations to be solved. Together with Eternity Group stakeholders, we identified solutions that would generate the greatest impact on the business with the least investment in development and economic resources.


01_ One-click access to all the documentation required to carry out an operation from start to finish, providing absolute traceability. 02_ Improved communication with the customer, reducing errors due to lack of visibility or control in shipments. 03_ Paperless platform: 100% digitized information that contributes to a high environmental and social commitment.