Jan 27, 2022
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Smartwatch Applications Development with UX Design

Smartwatch Applications Development with UX Design

4-6 months
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Smartwatch with touch sensors should transmit data about the user's health, using algorithms to display the results in the form of medical indications about the user's health. Develop applications based on unique algorithms: - Heart rate control - Control of the general condition of the body - The amount of oxygen in the blood - Emotional condition - Sleep quality control - Calorie control - Step control - Control lability of the heartbeat - Life energy control - Movement timer, fitness tracker


The new generation of cross-devices for health with a concise design. Based on the unique algorithms. A unique device that combines fashionable smartwatches and bioresonance device. A market-ready product has been delivered in just five months (25-30% faster time-to-market, compared to what other vendors offered)


Advanced technology : - LifeWatch is not limited to tracking physical data. - The system using the application is connected to the WebWelness cloud where health information is collected from the LifeWatch device. - The device has an SOS function that helps the user to quickly connect with the subscriber and transfer GPS coordinates. It will signal if the user has forgotten the phone or has retired from it. - The appl will help find the phone if lost Additional application design & development : Home Touch screen Leading calls and SMS messages GPS Player Browser Weather Gallery Camera Voice memos Calculator Phone
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Smartwatch Applications Development with UX Design