Sep 26, 2022
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Ecommerce platform development services

Ecommerce platform development services

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Our client — one of the main software solution providers for travel businesses in the Alpine region — sought additional eCommerce expertise. Most of the code was hosted in a single codebase, split horizontally. Such architecture was affecting the client’s capabilities to effectively distribute software to new customers plus hindered the platform’s performance.


Edvantis software engineering team was hired to assist with the front-end and back-end development of new product features, as well as API programming. 1) Built a new connector for an Experience Bank. 2) Updated reservation management service. 3) Developed an interface for booking car transportation services. 4) Separated a travel service booking module from the monolith core to distribute it as an open REST API.


Within a short time, Edvantis’ team managed to achieve a strong backlog, issue management, and framework alignment with Alturos’ in-house resources. Jointly, we co-created approximately 10 new ecommerce platform features, highly requested and positively regarded by Alturos’ end customers. In addition, we helped develop an open API and improve the performance and maintainability of the core ecommerce platform.