Apr 20, 2023
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Bullet Chain

Bullet Chain

4-6 months
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The client came to us with a pressing challenge: the development of a robust, feature-packed, and reliable NFT marketplace where players can sell and rent in-game NFT items. Primarily available in the form of in-game guns or lands, these NFTs need to be well-integrated with the game Bullet Chain itself in order to ensure that items bought on the NFT marketplace can be fully imported and displayed in the players’ in-game inventories.


After going over the development client with the client, we have agreed to split the development process of the project into three phases: Phase 1: Development of the game NFT marketplace powered by the BNB chain Phase 2: Integration of NFT rent feature into the marketplace Phase 3: Integration of the NFT marketplace with the game


Within just under one month and a half, the game NFT marketplace was developed and integrated seamlessly with the Bullet Chain game to produce an engaging playing & trading experience. The client shared that he was satisfied with the results from all the marketplace’s pre-sales of land NFTs, and is looking forward to when the game officially launches this Spring 2023