Feb 16, 2024
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App For Charging Solutions For Electric Vehicles

App For Charging Solutions For Electric Vehicles

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A Switzerland-based company that specializes in creating innovative EV-charging solutions came to Elinext with the idea to create iOS and Android mobile apps. Their product represents a new generation of EV-charging solutions and, at the moment is new and unique. The company required the apps that would be used with the company’s EV-charging devices to make the process of charging electric vehicles clearer for the owners of green cars.


Module 1. iOS: Device management The app is made for the owners of green cars who use the company’s device for charging their vehicles. The devices have a card with a QR code that is used to install the app and add their device, which is compatible via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Unique QR codes ensure every user’s device is individual and the app can’t access the devices of other users.


The app was released in April 2021 and updated in October 2022 with full functionality. It was a challenging, fully custom solution that is quick, flexible, and supports the device’s functionality. New features may go into development in March 2023. EV charging is a crucial part of the green energy revolution. It allows electric vehicles to be powered by renewable energy sources, turning electric vehicles into more accessible and affordable means of transport. It’s also the kind of technology that’s constantly improving, and we were very grateful for being a part of this improvement.