Feb 16, 2024
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This story begins in 2005 when a US MES provider had encountered a problem. Its system was built in the late 1990s, and integrating it with modern software was becoming increasingly difficult. The company looked for a developer with expertise in performance analytics, graph generation, and business process optimization. When they came across Elinext, we showed how we had the right competencies, skills, and resources, and were subsequently selected for the job.


We approached the project using the large-scale Scrum (LeSS) development model. The work was split into release cycles, and each cycle consisted of five sprints, with each sprint up to three weeks long. The first four sprints centered around development; during the last one, we configured new features for stable operation. Our teams kept in close touch with the client through daily calls. On every call, we told the client what we have done, what we have been working on, and which steps we would take next. That helped us stay on the right track, pivot when necessary, and nip potential issues in the bud.


The system we've helped develop has shown extraordinary results: its ROI reaches up to 400%. Our client provides a plethora of products and services, but the MES alone makes up 80–90% of their total revenue. Today, five Elinext teams are working on the project, providing support and monitoring around the clock and helping integrate the MES into end clients’ business environments. Some teams are building new features like containerization, new modeling, a custom REST API, and a new platform for migrating or cloning manufacturing processes between facilities. The development of the MES is scheduled for three years ahead. We expect about 35 Elinext software engineers to be working on it by the end of 2021.