Feb 16, 2024
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Plant Care App Connected With A Garden Tech Gadget

Plant Care App Connected With A Garden Tech Gadget

7-12 months
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Both the mobile and web projects faced challenges that were critical for the performance of their core functionalities. Mobile application challenges The initial challenge was related to the plant database — a source for finding relevant information about plants and tips on caring for flowers. Since the database had more than 6000 botanical entries, it was crucial to optimize the source in order to get a stable and highly responsive app. Web application challenges The main challenge that the Elinext developers faced was related to implementing a website on AJAX. The obstacle was linked to the same-origin policy, which prevents the unauthorized access of data and resources from different origins.


Mobile application The mobile solution is a multilingual application available for iOS users. It connects with a flower pot and stick, and sends alerts to mobile phones via Bluetooth when a plant requires watering, fertilizer, light, or a change in temperature. The solution has a massive database of plants where users can find expert advice from international botanists. Users can browse through the database to discover new plant varieties and learn how to care about them from tips & tricks. Web application The Elinext team implemented the project architecture utilizing Backbone.js as a JavaScript MVC framework. Additionally, they focused on optimizing and minifying source codes to enhance the overall performance of the project.


Both web and mobile applications have been used for over a decade by plant lovers worldwide. With the digital solutions developed by Elinext, users can check real-time data on the light intensity, ambient temperature, soil moisture, and water level of their plants. The mobile app allows for the ability to create a personalized garden manager to facilitate the process of caring for plants. Additionally, there is a possibility to create standardized text (email or SMS) or personalized texts using pre-written sentences.