Feb 16, 2024
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Remote Network And Router Management Platform For Internet Providers

Remote Network And Router Management Platform For Internet Providers

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Internet providers have to use a lot of customer support workforce to help customers solve their connection issues. Every issue takes a fair amount of time to handle because operators need to explain to customers what needs to be done with their router. One Danish-American company set out to change that. They came up with an idea for web software that would give operators access to customers’ routers and enable them to take action directly, in real-time. Nothing like that had ever been done before.


We started by implementing cloud adapters for routers (CPE) and firmwares which our client’s C++ developers had already been working on. In parallel, we created adapters for third-party routers and made common APIs for all items. We also added a Kubernetes cluster which could be deployed on any platform. During the latest stage, we enabled the software to collect and analyze 1,000,000 data points per second in real time. We built the MVP quickly, in just two months, and then in four more months we brought the fully functional product to completion. And implementing AI and ML took 1.5 years from the project start.


It took us about 18 months to develop the fully functional, AI-powered system. It now processes around 1,000,000 payloads from 1,000,000 routers per second. And soon after it went live, operators using it were able to reduce their costs for customer support and improve customer communications. This project was also a great educational experience, as we learned to work with a tool that was new to us: Apache Pulsar. And we continue to improve the product going forward. Adding further industry standards and supporting new routers are next in our pipeline.