Oct 24, 2023
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An App for Wine Collectors

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United States
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Emerline contributed to the development of an iOS collection organizing application for a wine industry market player. Challenge Emerline was contacted by an American company that needed a solution that would allow an automated and innovative approach to collection curation. The customer wanted the product to be capable of connecting to cameras in cellars to provide users of the app with a more automated way of keeping track over their collections.


Solution The Emerline team assisted the client with the development of an app that allows: Wine label scanning for wine recognition Connection with cellar cameras Automatic detection of addings/removals from the collection Quick finding of bottles (the app shows where it is stored) Collection reports Smart notifications


Results Our team helped the client to receive a solution that completely fits all the initial requirements. The application allows easy and convenient collection monitoring, delivers useful reports, and, being integrated with cameras, minimizes manual processes associated with collection management. In addition, the solution can be seen as an easy-to-use, lightweight, and highly accurate application for small warehouse management.