Oct 24, 2023
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Migraine Prevention App

Migraine Prevention App

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Emerline developed a migraine prevention app for Android and helped the client to ensure a user-friendly interface for the existing iOS solution. Challenges Creation of a mobile app for Android from scratch Client-side programming for the existing iOS solution Ensuring customization opportunities to make the solution available to use for third-party healthcare providers


Solution The solution analyzes various types of data impacting the development of migraines in people. These are environmental, behavioral, and personal data specified by the user. If the analysis determines a risk, it sends the user a notification, making it possible to take action to prevent or minimize a migraine attack. The app also creates a calendar, highlighting the risky days based on the received information.


Results The Emerline team delivered the requested solution and services just within 3 months. Having user-friendly apps with customizable designs, the client can resell them to any third-party service provider to increase profits and help more people prevent migraine attacks.