Mar 28, 2024
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Website Optimization

Website Optimization

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A thorough website audit uncovered several factors contributing to slow page loading speeds: Outdated code and scripts Large PNG images An excessively large DOM Slow general server response times A legacy image storage solution (CloudFoundry) These factors were hindering performance, as evidenced by GTMetrix, Google PageSpeed Insights, and Core Web Vitals reports, highlighting areas for optimization.


Upgrading Node.js and migrating to Amazon S3. Implementing frontend enhancements, including the conversion of images to the WEBP format, adopting a lazy-load approach, and simplifying the DOM. Refining and integrating code. Integrating CloudFront for efficient content distribution. Conducting a detailed audit to meet Google's and GTMetrix optimization standards.


The optimization efforts resulted in reduced image sizes, a streamlined DOM, and improved Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) time. Performance metrics across various tools showed significant enhancements. Replacing outdated code not only improved functionality but also reduced load times, greatly enhancing the overall user experience.