Dec 31, 2023
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Asset Voice

Asset Voice

4-6 months
United States
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Software Development
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Energy & Utilities


Challenge The challenge was to use RFID and sensors to monitor assets and every step done in real time is captured so users can be always up to date and manage any asset. AssetVoice offered utilising RFID technology and sensors to monitor, track, and manage mobile and critical assets in the most efficient way possible


Solution Building a lightweight mobile app to track employees’ balances, with configurable leave types that fits in different countries. Employees are able to request their leave days using their mobile apps, and managers are notified using emails and push notifications and are able to accept or reject request using their mobiles. Managers will be able to view statistics and summaries using a web-based control panel, with advanced features in managing leave types, working day and official holidays.


AssetVoice is award-winning automated change management software, it provides asset tracking with real time updates and gathering the assets’ real time data using a fully dynamic web based form builder where admins can build the inspection and data gathering forms, and the mobile app with which workers can scan asset’s RFID which is reviewed and compared to keep track of the assets' status.