Jan 05, 2023
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Multi-Auction Platform

Multi-Auction Platform

7-12 months
United Arab Emirates, Dubai
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- Buying and selling products in a single application functionality are tough to develop. On another hand, we also need to provide an auction and bidding functionality where our client can bid on the other products' auctions. Reverse bid - enable the suppliers to provide the offer with the best deals. So, to design and develop all the above problems we wanted to make sure that the design wouldn’t overwhelm and confuse the platform customers


For all challenges, our team had taken and provided the best the Multi auction platform for our client. Our project manager, Business analyst & UI/UX team kept in mind all the stakeholder's journeys of the platform. This helps us to get perspective on our design process and also helps us to maintain the design of a beautiful spectrum of user-experienced application design for our client. Our team always engraves themselves in the stakeholder's flow and design flow.


Our team has a great chance to work with this client, who has a clear vision of his project one in a million. Our client wanted us to fill a gap between all the problems that normal people face with a mediator of eCommerce platforms or applications. Keeping these challenges in mind our Project manager, Business analyst, development team, and our marketing team help him to get developed this application with a minimized cost and deployed it “Go on” live.