Jan 05, 2023
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Web Scraping Online Shop App

4-6 months
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Our client is a successful entrepreneur with rich Business expertise in launching unique and ideal products. From the very start, the client's purpose was to find a reliable technical co-founder with a strong background in solving challenging tech cases. Because our client needs a web-scraping Online wishlist Shop app that allows the customers to configure their own store and add products to that store by scrapping other e-commerce platforms or applications in an easy way by using Simple and all people favorites commands copy (ctrl+c) and paste (ctrl+v). To design and develop this flutter application our team takes the challenge of this web-scrapping technology. Our team has also had the challenge of displaying and storing a giant number of products in the database.


Our team created and develop a custom solution for the customers to do the web scrapping of the other eCommerce applications & websites to collect and add that product on this application to promote that product as an affiliate marketer. Simply, our team has developed a customer scrapper of applications with plenty of different validations and functionalities like giant storage of the database; elastic search, and AI-recommendations functionality for the user's search, etc.


We always help our all clients to get’s profits from their developed products, the same thing we have done for this client too. Our marketing team recently analyze the evolution of the company’s income and the conversion rate of the people using this application in the market is really vastly increased compared to their competitors too.